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While this site map shows my Web site in a hierarchical form, some of the pages may be accessed from more than one other page. I must maintain this site map manually. Thus, it might not be completely current. For a current, non-hierarchical list of the Web pages on my site, see my Index of HTML Files, which is generated "on the fly" when the link is selected.

The logical structure of this hierarchy does not necessarily reflect the directory structure used on my site's Web server as seen in my Index of HTML Files.

Home (Main) Page

To and Across Canada We planned a trip. We got an adventure.
(Lower-level pages contain photographs.)

Miscellaneous Computer Topics

Cooking with David

Editorials and Other Comments
(Here, pages are arranged in rough alphabetical order. In the index of Editorials and Other Comments, they are arranged in reverse chronological order.)

Frauds and Hoaxes

My Southern California Garden

The Internet

Malaprops and Other Writing Problems

Oak Park, California OP

Odds and Ends

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) keys

Quips and Jabs — Current
(Note: You can reach any earlier set of quips from any later set but not vice-versa. However, you can reach the current set of quips from any other set.)

Rescuing Social Security

U.S. Tax Reform


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